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Who We Are

If you pay 100% of your premium, then you are entitled to 100% of your benefit. Period.

We are Neighborhood Public Adjusters. We exist to represent the uninformed insured when they need an insurance and claims expert on their side.

We are experienced. Over 18 years in insurance, and with over 3000 claims handled collectively in Florida, Texas and Louisiana.

We are equipped with same claims adjusting technology that the insurance carriers use.

We have Residential experience handling Pipe leaks, Roof leaks, hurricane damage, fires, flood, and sinkhole damage. More . . .

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All of our Associates live, work, play, and worship within 10 square miles of Tamarac, Florida. The purpose is to always be within 15 minutes driving distance to our clients. We don’t have 800 numbers and fancy answering services. When you call us, you reach us at our cell phones. This is part of our promise to give you real, straight-up, and affordable claims representation. We have worked all the major hurricanes (Charlie, Jean, Francis, Katrina, Wilma, Gustav, and Ike) of the last six years and choose to bring all that experience for our local market. As a result, we can provide personal service and stay close to our families. More. . .

Insurance is not an exact science. The settlement is subject to interpretation and negotiation.

An insurance policy is a contract. It is not a guarantee you will receive all you are entitled to.

Claims can be filed years AFTER they happen, or REOPENED again even after they have been CLOSED or More ...

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People know enough to buy insurance, but don't know enough about the insurance they buy. More Videos . . .