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Why Choose Us

All of our Associates live, work, play, and worship within 10 square miles of Tamarac, Florida. The purpose is to always be within 15 minutes driving distance to our clients. We don’t have 800 numbers and fancy answering services. When you call us, you reach us at our cell phones. This is part of our promise to give you real, straight-up, and affordable claims representation. We have worked all the major hurricanes (Charlie, Jean, Francis, Katrina, Wilma, Gustav, and Ike) of the last six years and choose to bring all that experience for our local market. As a result, we can provide personal service and stay close to our families. The advantage for the customer is that you get the best bang for your dollar. We can charge less than the competition and give you top notch service. The advantage for us is that we spend more time at home with our families.

Our claims representation is holistic. We see the claim and the insured as a whole. We don’t only handle the claim, but we also assist you with the check retrieval process with the mortgage companies and we assist with the project management. I doubt any other Public Adjuster will continue representation beyond handling the claim. We stay with you beyond the claim and don’t charge you for it.

We assist with the project management construction if needed. We understand that the insured is faced with another complex process of managing contractors, permits, compliance with codes, inspections, etc. Our fee includes assisting with the construction management of the project when needed. We do not do the work. We do not hire the contractors, but we assist in dealing with contractors and coordinating the services to make sure that the work is done up to code; the specifications of the estimates prepared; and the requirements of the mortgage company. This process is time consuming and lengthy. In all, our work is holistic and we are committed to seeing you get your house put back together.

We speak Spanish. If your primary language is Spanish, we hold you by the hand and help you understand the entire process for optimum peace of mind.