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Employment Opportunity

If you are a licensed Public Adjuster and would like to join our team, read the following. If you want to be an apprentice, give us a call to schedule an interview.

Because we are growing fast, we are looking for qualified professionals that can enrich our team and in return we can enrich their professional career with excellent training and excellent pay out schedule.

If you are selected to work with us, we will teach you all aspects of Public Adjusting. This in itself is a huge benefit because the industry lacks books, schools, or even general information about how to start and run a public adjusting business. We have a three phase training program.

Phase 1: Sales and Marketing. For the first 6 months or your first 30 claims, whichever comes first, we will train you in prospecting, marketing, and claim signing.

Phase 2: Scoping and Estimating. In this module, you will learn the mechanics of damage scoping and damage assessment. You will use equipment to measure rooms’ height, width, length, and volume. You will learn about the different measure metrics used in the business to calculate room dimensions, labor, material, and code requirements. Second, you will learn how to input your scope notes into Xactimate25 and provide a full report to submit to the insurance company. There will be classroom training and field training. We will gage how good those skills are by the result of your evaluation.

Finally, Phase 3 involves training on Claim settlement practices. This module involves learning all aspects of policy interpretation in relation to damage assessment. You will learn what is covered and what is excluded and how to build that into the estimate. You will have the opportunity to study the different policies from the different insurance companies and understand their terms of coverage. This is critical to proper claims estimating and fair representation of the insured’s rights. In this module, we will examine how policies are interpreted by the courts in by looking at case law that applies to public adjusters. You will also learn about ethics and professional behavior to secure your success in the market place.

At phase 3, you will be considered a fully equipped Public Adjuster. You will be required to sign a reasonable non-compete agreement that will secure our firm is not unfairly affected by teaching you everything we know about the public adjusting business.

We will need a 24 month commitment from you and we guarantee that by the time you are finished, you will be a great addition to the market place and therefore the consumer will benefit most.

For more details, call us at 954.882.2413 or submit your resume to