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The process The process of the claim is as follows:

1- A covered loss event takes place like a pipe leak or break

2- You take measures to stop the damage or mitigate the loss

3- You call your public adjuster and then your insurance company.

4- The claim is filed on your behalf

5- Your public adjuster and the Ins. Co. adjuster meet at the property to discuss the claim, measure the damaged area, take photos, and
prepare estimates

6- Your Public Adjuster submits his estimate to the carrier

7- The carrier issues payment on the claim

8- When payment received, the check is signed by all parties, and then the mortgage company releases normally two thirds of the amount
up to 10,000 dollars. It will normally require the estimate.

9- Once the check is received, fees are due and the work begins.

10- Once the work is 90% complete, the bank releases the rest and the process is complete.

Note: this is a simplified version of the process. It does not always happen this way. All cases are different.