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Who We Are

If you pay 100% of your premium, then you are entitled to 100% of your benefit. Period.

We are Neighborhood Public Adjusters. We exist to represent the uninformed insured when they need an insurance and claims expert on their side.

We are experienced. Over 18 years in insurance, and with over 3000 claims handled collectively in Florida, Texas and Louisiana.

We are equipped with same claims adjusting technology that the insurance carriers use.

We have Residential experience handling Pipe leaks, Roof leaks, hurricane damage, fires, flood, and sinkhole damage.

We have over 50 years of combined construction experience so we know what it takes to repair your home or business. We have remodeled hundreds of homes and commercial buildings prior to becoming adjusters.

We educate you about the process and continually give you progress report on the status of your claim.

We are reachable and stay connected. Personal service is everything with us. You will never be in the dark regarding the status of your claim. That is why you can login and check the status of your claim.

The claim process is a pseudo-legal process where you have the burden of proof in showing that you have a covered claim. Therefore, you need pictures, receipts, contractor estimates, and expert advice to proof you are entitled to payment. This is rarely explained to you when you purchase the policy.

It would be very wise for you to hire a professional adjuster who understands this process to represent you from the beginning. Besides, you would not submit your taxes to the IRS and ask them to fill out your papers for you? This would not make sense because they would not advice you of all the deductions available to you. You are best served having your Certified Public Accountant prepare and submit your taxes on your behalf.